Saturday, August 20, 2011

TEDxMIA 2011 Presents: "Between the Lines"

Who is joining me?

TEDxMIA 2011 "Between the Lines": A blow-your-mind, live event of amazing and entertaining ideas worth spreading.
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Join Us at TEDxMIA 2011 "Between the Lines"

When:  Tuesday, 13 September 2011 - 6:00PM to 9:00PM; after-party at The Townhouse (included in price)
Where:  New World Center - 500 17th Street, Miami Beach
Tickets: Register to attend via Eventbrite

A gathering of 500 diverse, innovative individuals all in one location. Expect to forge unexpected connections through the exchange of ideas, leading to extraordinary insights and triggering powerful inspiration. 

9 mind-blowing speakers, 2 performances and a few surprises.   

Shelly Baer, Social Worker
Barbara de Vries, Designer
Colin Foord, Marine Biologist
Felecia Hatcher, Chief Popsicle
Barrington Irving, Founder of Experience Aviation, Inc.
Brad Meltzer, Novelist/TV Host
Scott Rickard, Professor
Dennis Scholl, Wine Maker
Bill Williams, Musician

TEDxMIA 2011 is a conference like no other that explores thought-provoking topics such as: how popsicles can change the world; random acts of culture; how mathematics is used to create the ugliest music ever composed; fantastic plastic, beauty in the margins; and why the diversity of coral in Miami proves adaptation is essential to survival.

Born out of the theme of this year’s event, “Between the Lines”, these amazing and entertaining topics explore where change begins, ideas are born, drawings emerge and notes dance. It is what you don’t immediately see -- the poetry in motion this city creates; the ever changing skylines; the constant coming and going of its multicultural tribes.

Entrance for this event is $50, which includes the conference and the after-party at The Townhouse where you can meet the speakers and network with attendees.  

Space is limited, so register to attend now.

For information about the conference and TEDxMIA, please visit

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

M$A Podcast | Artist Interpretation Series | Leah Bevilacqua: Yeah You, Just Watch Me

Welcoming two spankin' new pieces to my personal collection: "Yeah You" & "Just Watch Me", by Leah Bevilacqua

Source of image work:

Listen to Leah Bevilacqua interpret her work!

Leah_Bevilacqua_Interprets_YEAH_YOU_&_JUST_WATCH_ME.m4a Listen on Posterous

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Welcoming Peter, by Leah Bevilacqua to my collection.

The once-a-year opportunity for creative explosion of expression and bonafide haven for emerging artists alike, "Art All Night" lately yielded the newest member of my personal art collection: Peter, by Leah Bevilacqua. This piece exhibits mixed media on canvas, produced using a process that was new and slightly experimental for Bevilacqua. Prior to digitizing, printing, painting, drawing, gluing, the artist salvaged all the photography featured within the work from her Grandmother's attic. The piece revolves around social ideologies that society often pigeon-holes certain genres of society within. At the top of the work we see the sketch of an elderly man, and other media carved to form a similar shape in the upper left, with cages in nearby composition. These constraints of a trapped ideology that once a male reaches this peak in age, he is inevitably perceived as a "dirty old man". The two women posing feature Bevilaqcua's Grandmother at left. She placed robot heads atop of their perfect postures to perpetuate the sociological trauma of aesthetic awareness or, "posing for pictures that aren't really there", and the mechanical nature to which these behaviorisms become so engrained they can be mistaken for innate.
Whatever the constraint, the characterization or ideology that we experience in life and perceive through society, it all ends the same eternal way- in death. At first sight I had perceived the skeletal ribs and bones at bottom, I had mistaken it for the infinite black hole of death- the ultimate sewer drain. Perhaps I've watched The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle a few too many times, but I unmistakably found many inspired characteristics of the movies plot within this piece.


Artist, Leah Bevilacqua, at left.


Proud new owner!

Monday, February 7, 2011

into blue

plucking heart strings, sticky coverups
whats this feeling?
desolate space made for something that remains but half full
perhaps expansion is wrong
perhaps resistance is right, though seemingly a bore
but what if you think something might be worth everything?
does it take a lot?
everything is a lot
seems like so much more than what I've got
it's time to peel out that sticky smile
smack it on
& wear the cheer like beaming rays from the sun
if the clouds don't break to let it peer through
jump up
fly high
soar above the white masses
into the purest unkown
into blue

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gwendolyn's Spiked Mexican Hot Cocoa

Melt & mix:
2 ibarra mexican chocolate per 8oz of milk
Nut Meg Cayenne
Cocoa chile
Cinnamon Cloves